May 30, 2011

The horrid and the beautiful

Okay, bad news first. We had a disaster. We hired an idiot. And we were idiots because we left him alone.

I knew better, too. I knew we shouldn't be leaving him there unsupervised to paint the ceiling. I had that bad feeling that I just didn't listen to. But I was very, very, very clear about what to paint, where to paint, what to tape off, and to make sure everything was covered with tarps. He seemed like a professional, he said he was a professional, had his own truck and his own equipment, was reassuring that he knew what he was doing, and he even came on a recommendation of a friend. So why would we not trust him to do a professional job? Well. Lesson learned.

Okay, so the disaster could have been significantly worse than it was, though thankfully it wasn't.

But seriously man! You just randomly spray black paint all over the top of raw wood without taping or covering or anything! Even after I very carefully told him not to! I mean, really? Really? And even where he didn't paint my beautiful, poor beams black, it was all drippy and runny and there were still huge wet spots even though he had left two hours previous to when we got back. And he can thank his lucky stars he wasn't there when I discovered his massacre or I would have torn him a new one.

So instead {after spending two hours scrubbing off the paint} we went home and patiently {or not so patiently} waited until the next morning for him to show up so we could fire him in person. Perhaps a little mean, but totally and absolutely necessary to satisfy my deep, deep desire for revenge. But he even had the nerve to argue with me. I mean, seriously.

Thankfully, after all the scrubbing with soapy water and a little bit of sanding, they are all looking much better and are almost back to normal. Whew!

So, back to normalcy and beauty. Back to making progress, building tables, awesome old wood and chipping old paint:

My father plastered this wall himself {before the disaster we were going to hire that guy to do it}. It looks great. He did a wonderful job and he did it in about three hours. And it's a huge wall. Now we are waiting for it to dry and we can prime it and choose the perfect white.

And remember how I mentioned that I have incredible luck with always having the exact amount of old wood for my plans? Well, it happened again. After I cut up every piece of trim, this is all I had left. So. Satisfying.

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