May 11, 2011

I just flew from New York! (and boy are my arms tired.)

I spent the last three weeks in New York City Taking Care Of Business: I moved out of my apartment, went to two concerts (Handsome Furs and Foals), celebrated Passover, hung out with friends, waited tables. I took buses from Bed-Stuy to Greenpoint, trains from Greenpoint to the city, the LIRR from Downtown Brooklyn to Long Island, cabs from work to home, from bar to bar, from old home to new home. I ate a lot of bagels, I walked around, I rode my bike. I went to a funeral and I went to a wedding. I made plans, I talked on the phone, I roasted a chicken.

And then I took a train to another train to a bus to a plane to another plane. And then Ariele picked me up. Just like that!

On our way from the airport to her house we stopped at In-N-Out Burgers to celebrate California in a proper manner. 'Twas delicious.

And so I have been reunited with all the things I bought on our trip but didn't bring back to New York with me three weeks ago: my handwoven blankets, my baby sheepskin, my little cow horns, my moth-eaten Navajo rug and...

... this creepy painting! I got it at the Saint Vincent De Paul when we stopped in Los Angeles on our way from Brooklyn to Monterey. So weird and intriguing! Well worth the twenty dollars I paid for it. I know you're probably feeling confused by it, and maybe a little scared. It's ok. I'ma hang it right above my bed when I get home!

Which, by the way, will be next week. Yes, I'm only back here in California for a week. Wish I could stay longer but it isn't really an option right now. I had to make new plans, plans that require that I go back to Brooklyn sooner than I thought. Though I certainly hope I'll be able to come back to California and be there for the opening of the restaurant this summer! And in the meantime we only have a week to get a lot of work done...

The space is barely recognizable from when I left it three weeks ago. So exciting! We spent today working out the bar area and can't wait to start building it. Which will hopefully be tomorrow. Yay!

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