May 19, 2011

Ladders and wood

How many men on ladders does it take to install heating vents?

Actually, it takes four. One guy wasn't on his ladder.

Slowly, the guys are learning not to throw out old wood. They took these pieces of ply out of a storage closet, and without me even asking, they brought it in to me. Isn't that great? Perhaps, one day in the future, they will be on a job and decide to reuse something because some girl once taught them it was good to recycle. Maybe!

And look at this great old door! Amelie and I got it for forty bucks up in Berkeley. It's a front door, but since all doors have to be wheelchair accessible, meaning thirty six inches wide {and most old interior doors don't come nearly that wide} we decided to use this guy for the bathroom. I love it!

So here is a sneak peek of something special I am working on. It's the pray-god's! {translation of French word for church kneelers} All the way from Brooklyn they have come to be sliced up and put back together! 

So pretty!

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