May 3, 2011

Our bench is now a booth

Today was productive -- to put it mildly. And three drills helps.

We completed a full booth.

It was incredible to sit in, to feel the space become anchored to something tangible. Today, the space became a future restaurant. It hasn't really been that until now. It's just been this over sized, empty waiting room, even the chairs we have couldn't really begin to give it a sense of scale. It took me a while, just sitting there, to absorb this amazing change.

Then, we built more.

It was an incredible day. Satisfying in every way. Tomorrow, we finish up by building the last booth! And doing something else we have been waiting to do for months now:  demolish those stupid walls. Yes!


  1. Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I don't know what's more exciting: the booths or the tearing down of the walls. So wish I could be there... One more week!

  2. If it works, to offset the pain of buying new wood for the booth frames, a link for an auction in Salinas of surplus restaurant kitchen equipment:

  3. really the tables in the previous post!!!!


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