May 7, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new {for a change}

My boots died.

Yeah. I mean, clearly, they have been dead for a while now, but when the carpenters and electricians started teasing me about my shoddy foot attire, I knew it was definitely time to replace.

No more teasing. I got me some real work boots! These babies will last me ten years. Such lovely, lovely leather. But. It's. Not. Soft.

So in my painful new boots I built another table base.


  1. The old ones have been such a staple in your photos---sad to see them go. But you'll have the new ones looking old in no time!

  2. two hazels momMay 09, 2011

    maybe we could bronze the old boots?

  3. Can I ask where you got those solid boots?

  4. Yes! I got them at good old Red Wing Shoe Store. On the men's side. They have like 150 men's work boot options and 3 womens' work boot options. I tried really, really hard not to get too offended by that :)

  5. Thank you! Awesome boots, but you're right, not enough options in womens'. I'd get men's if I could fit 'em. Sad day! Good luck with everything--the work you guys are doing looks great. The space is gonna be heaven!


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