May 22, 2011

Paint and pasta {though not necessarily together}

Today, I am tired. Today, I feel like a rock. I don't think I'm built for working seven days a week for weeks on end. But it feels terrible to take a day off, so I tried to avoid it by dragging myself to the site, along with these beautiful doors I brought from New York, and tried to do some work. Which didn't happen.

This is what ten dollars will get you in Brooklyn. Amazing. I thought I could at least figure out what to do with these beauties! They deserve to be somewhere very visible. I forgot how lovely they were since they have been covered with a tarp for the last two months. So gorgeous.

But alas, I gave up and went home. Just in time for this {of which I ate three servings}:

And now I have to deal with the guilt until I work it off. Oh! Not the guilt of eating so much pasta {I never regret that!} but the guilt of not getting much done today.


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