May 27, 2011

Put a triangle in it

The tables are back! Yes, it has been a long time.

It feels like months ago that Amelie was here and we were building table tops in the driveway. That was even before the lease was signed! So much has progressed since then. Now, I'm building tables at the site, and {thank goodness!} I have a nail gun. I feel exhausted just recalling that I was once pounding in every single nail by hand. Yikes.

So these are the two tops. Cute, square little guys aren't they?

The table layout has changed drastically since a month ago when I completed my twelve four top tables, so I am now building twice as many tables as I once thought. And {this is kinda sad} it has been decided that we cannot use all the four tops I made. I know. It took me a few days to get over it too. But I understand the reasoning: it's simply more efficient to have two seaters and push them together if we need to seat four people, rather than having a couple taking up a four person table if it gets busy. Which it will be!

So it's cool, no worries! I'm going to use the four extra tops I made as art. Yep, just hanging on a wall. Which I think will look fantastic and I already have spots picked out for them.

Just another example of something changing against my will, but it working out for the better!


  1. This looks amazing!!
    Cant wait to see it all come together..!
    Word on the street is that the best Italian restaurant is no longer going to be in Italy..
    Looking forward to coming to see it!.. although a slight journey it may be!!

  2. I'm glad about the tables...I always thought they were Art!

  3. Hi. The tables look great! Do you know how you're going to finish them?


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