May 10, 2011

So much to do...

... barely enough time to do it.

In between doweling a couple table legs, I'm running around with a tape measure and chalk. The floor plans have returned. It's amazing how plans and ideas in this restaurant have become ever-changing, constantly rotating and jumping around. Three feet this way, four feet that way. I'll think that I have it down, then someone will tell me they decided they want the entrance on this side. So, in the idea of cooperation, most of the time I attempt to give their idea a try. Yeah, nice of me, right? Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make people happy. Occasionally, new suggestions will get me thinking, and a new idea will pop up. Which generally means that the entire seating plan shifts. More work for me! Fresh, blank floor plans printed out, and a new bucket of chalk is bought.

It's exhausting! But still very, very fun.

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  1. two hazels momMay 10, 2011

    chaos before creativity. that is how it shows itself and must be preserved and wallowed through for the true order to find itself. the secret is to stay in the flow and not go out for coffee. when it is the most confusing, the solution appears.

    looks like you also could use a new erasure.

    keep showing up.


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