May 16, 2011

The supermen

We spent most of the day today in silent awe. We tried to do work, but could only really manage to stand there gawking. Boy, the carpenters who built our walls are good. Damn good. Who knew watching three men, two circular saws, two nail guns, four drills and a pile of two by fours would be interesting. But wow, I couldn't look away.

There was not enough salvaged wood to build the kitchen walls, but they built everything else using the wood that I saved from the previous walls. Here's one of the little pony walls they built (uh, he built this in twenty minutes, no joke).
So only after they left could we actually get any work started. Pathetic? Yeah maybe. Or maybe a little weird? They probably thought it was strange that two girls were so enthralled by such simple construction. But anyway, once they left, we started making some decisions on which of our awesome materials should go where. Not. Easy. 

But look! Turquoise!

I rescued these tiles out of a dumpster in Brooklyn. they had been torn from a hundred year old house and were carelessly and sadly buried under rubble and debris. There was one peeking out of the dumpster edge, so I got my gloves and spent an hour and a half digging, and ended up with about thirty five of them! Dirty and dusty, but totally worth it. These beauties are going on the bathroom floor, for sure.

And of course, when something new is finally built and finished that you have been waiting for for months, it calls for a some celebration. What's the best way to celebrate the completion of a bar frame? Climb on it, of course!

Once that excitement wore off, we stayed at the site till it was dark out, with only our trusty tape measures for company, finishing up the final plans for the wheelchair accessible part of the bar. Yes, you heard me. 

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