May 2, 2011

That's one big flea

The problem with going to the Alameda Flea, is that your arms fill with stuff and then you can't take photographs. So that's pretty much what happened. I basically took this one, then snagged a good deal on something cumbersome.

Then, four hours later, I took this one. Yes, everything is green. No, that was not intentional.

The two green lamps, fifteen bucks for both. An awesome chair for the restaurant waiting area, twenty bucks. Green scale, ten dollars. Oak shelf thing, five. And simple but cool rusty table base, seven dollars. What a steal!

The other problem with going to the Alameda Flea? It soaks up an entire day. Got other plans? Nope! Missed them all. Let's hope this thing never becomes weekly. Whew!

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