May 6, 2011

Today + plumbers = loud again

The plumbers have made a rather creepy cross where the kitchen should be. But tomorrow, there will be pipes! None of them will be working for a while still, but at least they will be there.

And this shot is for Amelie. Look! You can see all the way across the room! No more walls, no more darkness, no more having to pretend there isn't a huge, ugly, twenty foot room in our way when there very, very much was one. Was one!

However, this does sort of change things. Finally, I can walk around and make marks and take measurements and feel what it would be like with a table here, a table there. I couldn't do that before. All I could go on was the floor plan, which, though accurate in scale, does not adequately capture the feeling of the space. Obviously.

So now I'm changing a few things around. And it's much better this way. I'm adding more tables but they are fitting better. I spent all day with a bucket of chalk like a little girl on the sidewalk. I think the contractor and plumbers and electricians thought it was pretty funny.

Then I made a run to the salvage yard. Because, well, because you have to go to the salvage yard at least twice a week. Got this beautiful five foot long, two by twelve plank for four dollars. Wow! I'm going to make a bench out of it. Eventually.

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