May 14, 2011

Turquoise paint

I have a theory: everything old was once painted turquoise. So far, nearly every piece of painted wood we find, every peeling wall we see, at some point in it's life, was turquoise. Sometimes, it's hidden under ten layers, sometimes it's only under one, from the stairwell in my Brooklyn apartment, to the window frames in the back of our California restaurant.

Amongst all the thousands of planks of wood at our local salvage yard, we managed to spot the one, teeny, tiny, little patch of turquoise paint peeking out from within a huge stack. And that turquoise paint was even covered over by blue paint. Yes, we are crazy. But under it is turquoise! See? Right there! We plan on stripping it down to that beautiful color, and using it for a secret plan that is going to be... shall I say, awesome.

Then we got a six by six beam. Eleven feet long. And guess what, it's also turquoise.

It looks so pretty at the site!

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