June 1, 2011

The drywall of my dreams

Drywall makes the world go round. It's like a big, flat, white, heavy angel that is delivered in a truck and a cloud of dust. Drywall means progress. It means something is finally changing, something is about to happen, and about to be finished. Clearly, I kinda love the drywall.

And drywall also means that I can get on with my wainscoting. So speaking of angels {or rather things being delivered in trucks} a friend of ours gave me a donation of twenty seven feet of wide, old, beautiful fence boards. Which, once I cut the fence top off, look just like barn boards! No one would be the wiser, except that I'm telling you all. Hey, barn wood is expensive and hard to find! Fence is all around. So thanks Jeff! Your old fence is now a centerpiece of the restaurant.

Actually there is one piece of actual barn board in the mix. See that slightly red plank? Real barn! Donated by my mother. Thanks mom!

So in between cutting up fence and making way too many Home Depot runs {I'm at the Depot way to often}, I built another table top. Can it be one of my favorites? Yes. Yes, I think it can.


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