June 16, 2011

Five in one

I guess giving myself a deadline got me moving. I built five table tops today! Five! I was on fire.

Then I had a proud moment as I surveyed my work. Talk about feeling accomplished.

And I finished the last table just in time to drive home to this:

A beautiful peach and plum tart. With just the right amount of butter in the crust. I love nights when we test out the recipes for the restaurant!


  1. i made a couch today and a banquet table and seat and am sewing pillows and cushion covers as we speak on three and a half hours of sleep. a very successful day for all i must say. i am in lovey dovey mushy junior high infatuation with the first and fifth table...ooooohhhhh la la! seriously. beautiful. work.

  2. AnonymousJune 17, 2011

    Who cooked this?... looks marvellous!

  3. oh lala..la tarte!!!! fantastic....

  4. My father made the tart!

    Julia: do you have a website or photos of the couch you made? Sounds great, I'd love to see your work!

  5. Thanks Ariel, I'm working on it. I'v had 2 weeks while my mother is gone to make her new house into a home as she lost everything in a fire 2 years back and hasn't had the time, money or space to get anything new, hence why I'm building everything. She comes home on Thursday and I'v got some serious patio furniture to build this week..Then its on the internet we go while I ice my back and hopefully get the feeling back in my hands.

  6. I desperately want to eat that tart at one of those tables. I'm very serious about my need for a road trip from Seattle to Ca. to do exactly that when you open.


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