June 12, 2011

For the love of it

Today I finished up a table top, and, as promised, started on some shelves!

Then, for the heck of it, I put together a mock-up. I just couldn't resist seeing some things finally together in one space. So I clamped a beam to the ceiling rafters and clamped on an old lamp fixture to the beam, and after randomly pulling out a few chairs and picking out my favorite table top, voila.

Oh how I love you, dear table!

{and chairs and lamp and beam and beautiful cement floor!}


  1. How are you ever going to get anyone to leave? I could happily sit there for the rest of my life! Soooo very lovely.

  2. Why thank you!! I could sit there all day too, if I do say so myself! Hopefully no one will ever leave... Oh wait, that will be really bad for business ;)

  3. Beautiful work again, Ariele!

  4. Thanks Paul! I'm coming home to visit {briefly} on the 27th, can't wait to see you!

  5. Bravo !!
    Lovely table...


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