June 3, 2011

Il buono carpentiere

My carpenter lent me his truck. Yep, totally handed over the keys. Could this guy be any nicer? No. He could not. He lends me his power tools and leaves them with me over the weekend. He builds anything I need with no hesitation {and he builds it well!}. And now he let's me use his truck while he stays at the site and installs the bar sink. Wow.

So we drove it up to my favorite salvage yard to fill 'er up.

We got beams. Yes, more beams. They were so long we had to have them chainsawed down a bit, and they still hung over the truck bed by five feet. Lot's of red caution tape on that load!

Since we had the truck, we figured we'd give it a shot to fulfill our great need for a new front door. The old glass double doors that are there now just can't be saved. They are beautiful, and I love them, but they are practically hollowed-out from termites. Plus, according to CA code, all the glass panels would have to be replaced with tempered glass which would cost a serious fortune. So what's the point? I tried. I failed. Now we got a new door.

And it's awesome. And heavy. And thankfully, by new I actually mean bought from a warehouse that sells cast offs that people had specially made and sent back. I mean, you can't really send back anything that was a special order. So technically, the door is kinda used. Which makes me happy. It's about three inches thick with deep recessed panels and milled trim. It's most likely worth seven hundred or more special order. It's a nice door.

The price we got? Well, it was four hundred. Got them down to three. Then we started complaining about how it was missing a little piece of rounded trim {which would actually be super hard to replace, so we were complaining rightfully}. Which brought the price down to two hundred. Then I found a similar door in another isle, and suggested we could take the trim off that one to put on ours. The guy said "Well, just take them both for two hundred".

Uh, okay! If you insist. How's that for bargaining?

Then look what was brought by for my inspection, as promised. A booth!

I like it! But my dad doesn't. It's close, but it's not actually what I asked for {probably a language barrier issue}. But I have a crazy inability to tell people no, or that they did something wrong {unless it's really wrong}, so I couldn't exactly muster the hardness to tell the poor man to do it again. I was just gonna roll with it. I mean, the guy was shy. It's even harder to tell a timid person that they did it wrong. Sheesh.

That must be a learned technique.


  1. just gorgeous for the seats!!!!! love the table's foot !!!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    Where, by chance, is this magical warehouse?

  3. The magical warehouse is called Remodelers Warehouse in Watsonville, CA. Mostly doors. It's the messiest place I've ever been in but I guess it's got some good stuff in there if you look hard enough!

  4. Was it meant to be a darker brown? p.s. I've been reading your blog for about a week now and I'm LOVING everything you do!

  5. My Biggest problem is to tell people that they have done something wrong. It is easier for to redo it later on. We gotta learn how to change it, Girl! I ended up doing everything and learning everything in my shop. Good Luck!!!!


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