June 23, 2011

The old one

The site is constantly growing. It changes every day, and most of what I capture has been details and artsy angles. So I thought I'd pull back a bit and show you what a not-so-average, salvaged-wood-and-antique-filled construction site looks like at any given moment:

I build a table, and it fills up rather fast.

The strange thing about this site is that little corners of it are nearly complete, while other parts have just begun. There are places where finishing touches have already been added, and other spots where it is still down to it's bare bones with trenches in the floor, exposed framing, and completely incomplete beginnings of plumbing.

And another thing I've neglected to divulge for a while: We have a name.

Yep, we chose one. And it wasn't easy. It was late evenings of scribbling gibberish and cheesy cliches, gently arguing about ideas and dislikes and attachments, and me spending late night hours trying to look up cool sounding words in an Italian dictionary. We all knew it needed to be something applicable, something that described both our philosophy, our food, and my design, all rolled into one. At last, it was simply settled by asking Hey, what is "old one" in Italian?

Well, turns out it's il vecchio.

And there you go. We are the old one, il vecchio {pronounced with the two C's hard like a K, so it sounds like vekio!}.

One aspect of building this thing down, five hundred more to go.


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