June 14, 2011

The flea and what follows it

Once again, I got sun burned at the Alameda.

But it was worth getting a red nose because I got this for ten bucks.

And Amelie, I was totally about to buy you this! -- until I turned over the price tag. Seriously.

For some reason, I always forget to bring bags to the flea, so the way back to the car was awkward and hilarious. Mostly awkward. The huge green lamps were definitely in the impossible-to-carry department. But they were twenty five dollars each! What a bargain.

The whole day was a bargain! The lineup of loot is as follows:

Incredible industrial chair, three dollars. Yeah you read me. Three bucks!

Super cool old stamp that reads Banchero's Italian Dinners, five dollars.

Glass jug, five. Pitcher, eight. Wooden grape press vices, twenty five.

Silver forks {for me!}, ten dollars.

Then, on the way out of Oakland we spotted this amazing house. I pretty much want to move in. Or steal the whole thing. Probably more the latter.

We were super tired and ready to go home, but my mother thought we should take a small detour to see if we could spot any decrepit barns -- possibly to disassemble? {We were inspired by that old house! We wanted some barn wood!}.

So we drove until we saw a pile of wood in someones pasture, and stopped when we saw two people gardening outside. Great! I can go ask them! So I did. And long, long story short, they were lovely, lovely people. They invited us inside. They gave us a grand tour of their converted barn home, and were more than happy for me to riffle through the collapsed shed. To top it all off, they even decided to give me three beautiful old windows that she had been saving. Seriously! This really happened! Here's an awful picture as proof {it was getting dark and my camera just couldn't handle it}.

And out of this incredible and bizarre thing came the most beautiful piece of wood, leftover from their shed, and the only piece that wasn't completely rotted. There it was, just laying on top, waiting for me.


  1. That statue looks like Biscuit!

  2. Good find on those wooden vise spindles! There's got to be something cool to make out of those.

  3. Okay well maybe I should have bought the hundred and fifty dollar dog for you, Paul... Haha!


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