June 27, 2011

Six out of ninety-three

It's been ninety-three days since I've been home, and tomorrow, I am Brooklyn bound. Yes, I'm taking a break. It's time to reconnect, however briefly, with my life back in New York. I miss my house, I miss my cat, I miss my boyfriend. Uh, not necessarily in that order -- at all. I also miss Brooklyn. I miss the sun. I miss not wearing the same dusty clothes every day, and I can't wait to not lace up my work boots for en entire six days.

It's going to be hard to have to leave my home all over again, but I suppose I shouldn't think about that quite yet. A job's a job and I'm determined to get 'er done. So I will look forward to coming back and finishing up. However, I must admit I've been... wearing out. My. Brain. Is. Fried.

So. Brooklyn. I'm coming home! I'm going to cram an entire bike-riding, iced-coffee-drinkin', hanging-out-with-my-boy,  humid-and-sticky New York summer into a single week.

Cause last time I saw it, Brooklyn looked like this: yuck.

Photo accredited to Amelie! The view from our beloved sixteen foot U-haul.

The restaurant will just have to wait. Goodbye for a while, West.


  1. I have checked out as well..to some how make a 5x9' piece of art in 2 and half weeks for a show..shall we all come back rested, appreciative, and lit on fire for all the projects to come..enjoy your time miss, you absolutely positively deserve it with a cherry on top. Make my eyeballs pop when you come back pretty please.

  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Hah! I will do my best to make your eyeballs pop when I come back. And maybe while I'm in NY too, I plan on posting at least a few times. Right now I'm in the airport which is the most UN-beautiful and uncreative place I've been in in a long, long time... Ugh.

  4. don't stay too far from the blog....but enjoy your home town!!!!! read you soon!!!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    Hi Ariele, it's Briony in Albuquerque. I was just checking the blog to see if there had been any updates, and it looks as if I missed about 30 of them! It's amazing to see everything coming together and you and Amelie are doing such great work. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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