June 1, 2011

Stains and fire not welcome

In a perfect world, I would upholster my booths in old kilims. In this world, my booths must be upholstered in a stain resistant, water resistant, washable, cleanable, fire retardant, indestructible vinyl that won't wear out after a million butts are scooted and a hundred children spill their pasta sauce upon it.

So in other words, I was thinking great, they are going to be ugly.

A guy came by today to give a quote, and he brought along a pile of vinyl samples. Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of colors and shades to choose from. Whew! I was slowly becoming terrified that there would only be a single page with five color options, all of which where awful, all of which would turn my carefully self-built, salvaged restaurant into a crappy diner.

I pretty much didn't look at any of them though, I just flipped to the one that looked most like brown leather and voila. I know what I want.

In that same perfect world, I would have the time to upholster the booths myself. But alas, no. No way. Not a chance. So I guess it's a good thing that, in this world, one of the booths will be upholstered for approval by  Friday. Whereas in my "perfect" world {where I do it myself} that realistically wouldn't happen until at least the following Thursday {Ha, who am I kidding?}.

Eh, it will probably look better if he does it anyway. I can't wait to see it!


  1. So I know how you feel about compromise..and not to make things more complicated but what if you could add a pattern, like a simple version of a navajo or kilim pattern..You could make a simple stencil as many colors as you want and rust oleum makes a vinyl spray paint that actually contains vinyl in the paint, there is also a brand called duplicolor..I once used the rust oleum brand and it never cracked or rubbed off and was just as flexible as the vinyl itself...And once a million butts scoot across it and it possibly becomes distressed it just adds to the charm, or you could even brush it on and start it off looking distressed to keep everything cohesive...Or you could pretend to know nothing about vinyl paint and just keep them the brown leather look which will be great on its own...I just can't help not wanting to customize everything it keeps me up at night thinking of all the possibilities and then keeps me busy all day trying to realize the impossible..I love what you guys are doing and am definitely making the drive up to eat there and make eyes at your tables..Thank you for all the inspiration and keep up the good work..Now that's a run-on sentence!

  2. You definitely just broke the record for longest comment -- I love it! That's a fantastic tip about that vinyl paint. I had no idea. I was originally thinking of actually SEWING in a simple, single triangle onto each booth, but as I'm sure you know, sometimes dreams are just too big. Yes, likewise keeps me up at night. And when I actually dream it's about the restaurant. It's exhausting. How long is your drive? Not too far I hope because we want this spot to be full of locals! Thanks for your tip! I'm totally going to do a tester of that paint...

  3. I really like the idea of sewing a pattern but the only thing I would be worried about is the fact that once a hole is made no matter how small it is, it will find a way over time to open up wider...especially with a gazillion booties sliding across it and possibly snagging a stitch or two over time...that's why I thought painting would work since the worse thing that could happen is that it gets rubbed off and distressed over time..and I'm driving up from Santa Barbara but have family up there so I can take a nap after a long satisfying meal...How is your wood pile going, do you need any more wood? There is a old never taken care of house that they are tearing down that I'v been picking up piles of wood from that I'm making a console table that turns into a dining table for my momma..Its mostly a heavily weathered grey texture but I'v been adding a soft white wash and turquoise wash to odd planks to add variety..I could send you pics if you need any wood, there are piles of all sorts of different planks..And do you have any use for old railroad ties? Like maybe waiting benches outside or something like that? I seriously ran with that run on conversation with myself..Take care and get some sleep!


Thank you dearly for your comments! They always make my day.