June 8, 2011

Thank goodness for old tools

I almost didn't bring my chisels with me from Brooklyn. What would I do without them? Well, buy new ones I suppose. But these beauties are old, and the sentimentalist in me is convinced that they get the job done faster.

I had to do some crafty work to chisel out a space for a plug {don't worry, that's not the actual plug plate that will be going there. I know, it's ugly and beige!}

Then I started another table. This will be number five of... let's see... seventeen others. Whew. At least these ones are the little two tops!

And speaking of old tools, a sad thing happened the other day: I broke my carpenter's finish nail gun. Yeah. I don't think I've ever felt so horrible. I ran around trying to find a new part for it, but alas, it is just too old and nobody carries parts for that gun anymore. It's officially dead. And I practically wanted to hold a funeral for it out in the garden. I loved that thing. But it was fifteen years old, and he said it was bound to break eventually {what is that, like ninety five in people years?}

So with my truckload of guilt, I went to buy him a new one. But with the introduction of another plastic-y new tool, I'm even more thankful for the existence of old ones.

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