June 11, 2011

The things that are waiting for me

I visited the chairs today. They have been locked up in storage for oh so long! Patiently waiting...

Today was a day of working on business cards and logos, sign permit applications and restaurant websites. In other words {to me at least} the boring stuff. And did you know that the instructions for the sign permit application are about ten pages long, front and back? Yeah. It's insanity. I'm just happy I have a man who is shockingly talented at building websites and doing computer stuff to help me with all this {And he's back in Brooklyn, waiting patiently for me to get this restaurant over with and finally come home}.

Tomorrow, I'm gettin' back to work, back to my tools. Yeah I remember that it is Saturday, but every day is a week day now.

And I'm thinking this restaurant needs some shelves! No sense in keeping anything {anyone} waiting longer than they must...

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