June 5, 2011


One would generally think that sampling the local "competition" would be fun. Going around to various Italian restaurants, ordering the most expensive or most popular or most traditional dish, the house wine, the tiramisu...  Sounds great, right? Well, it's not. There's only one restaurant where we haven't sent back the food. And tonight's dinner was just too hilarious to pass up. I had to show you all.

This is what our pasta won't look like:

Seventeen dollars for a tiny little pile served in an enormous ugly bowl. Absolutely hilarious. Obviously, I won't tell you where this is because I'm not that mean nor that inappropriate. After all, I'm not a food critic where I can go around bashing specific restaurants. So instead, I just bash them as anonymous collections of over cooked, over salted, over priced, distasteful Italian hopefuls.

But instead of making us frustrated that we paid way too much for a highly unsatisfying meal, it actually made us quite pleased that we successfully disliked yet another local hotspot. Hating the meal you were just served is actually a great thing for those who are about to open up their own restaurant

{we may have silently high-fived as the waitress was confusedly carrying away the uneaten pasta}


  1. CatherineJune 07, 2011

    So... you didn't even try it?

  2. I did try it! I actually ate a few bites and pondered if it was worth feeling like a jerk for sending it back. So I chickened out and ate it. The other pasta's got sent back though... But I tried!

  3. CatherineJune 08, 2011

    Haha... nothing worse than overpriced food whose taste doesn't justify its price. :(


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