July 28, 2011

Art {the thing that is never completely completed}

Oh so neglected, I have found too few hours in the day to continue my daily writings on my progress. And along with too few hours, I have been rushing around too much to always remember my camera. *gasp!* I know! It's awful of me.

So here I am, too late at night, trying to ease my guilt. In my total and utter exhaustion, here is my best explanation of the past few days {all of which could easily be prefaced with an exuberant  "finally!"}

I finished the wall.

We grouted the kitchen tile.

We sliced a huge, square hole in the kitchen {with the biggest,coolest saw I've ever seen}.

And knocked it out, to eventually be a door {no, it wasn't just for fun}.

Though it was fun.

Then I got a little less dirty, did a little cleaning, and created a corner that's not a total explosion of saw dust, wood scraps, and other miscellaneous clutter that is making the site look like a bomb went off.

Amelie: I brought three of the paintings to the site! I just had to see! Don't they look wonderful? You  know, I have been looking so hard for more art, and I have have found nothing. Nothing! These walls would be very sad, empty, and white if it were not for you, that's for sure...

Except for this wall, which I thought I'd share again {because I'm so proud!}


Okay. Bed.


  1. ok, kicking off comments: the place is looking wonderful. can't wait to see it finished, and to be able to go to california to eat there. i'm sure the food will be great too.

  2. wow, you are a little crazy/amazing! this is incredible. please post the opening date! wonderful work.


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