July 20, 2011

The color of hard work

It was a gray day, but only in color.

I have finally begun the wood paneled wall. In gray.

The brick in the gray kitchen was plastered white and smooth for the health code.

And if there is one thing that happens most often during the construction of a restaurant, it's mistakes. They happen almost every day. So we hem and haw and try to find someone to blame in order to handle the emotions, but in the end, all it takes is a little extra time and some hands-on dirty-work.

Mistakes can always be corrected.

So in my now gray boots, I tackled a mistake. Take this hole, for example, and the ten other like it. Twenty minutes earlier it was filled with nearly dried concrete and the bottom two feet of a four by four post, sunk and ready to become the giant wheelchair ramp in the back of the building.

The workers had left. The only things still around were myself, the plumber, the general, and the discovery that all eleven posts were sunk four inches from being in the correct place. So with help from the hose, three shovels, and a lot of four by four body-slamming, we forced them out.

Boy, are the guys who spent all day on those posts going to be surprised when they return tomorrow morning. It looked like a war zone when we were done, but there's just something magically primitive and wonderful about digging holes. It was an after-hours-hole-digging party.

I highly recommend it.

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