July 20, 2011

Cooking up some progress

I spent the day perfecting a recipe. But in wood. It requires the correct ingredients, just the right color, texture, width and length. All the pieces have to fit in just the right spot.

While I was creating that, the chefs were also perfecting their recipes and cooking up a storm. As you all know, we currently have no kitchen, so we are renting one for now.

But what is a restaurant without at least a few chefs to occupy it? Well, let's just say it's fantastic when they do stop by.

Because wine comes along too. 

And Lorenzo, the chef who just arrived from Italy.

And perhaps the best part, some samples of the day's work:

The combination of which sent the long work day screeched to a halt and caused it to end in a small but full blown party. The site is slowly transitioning into a restaurant, and il vecchio is becoming tangible and alive. It's so exciting to finally have more people involved. For lack of a more eloquent and less arrogant word, I think we rock.


  1. Wait... Did you cut your hair?? Is that a ponytail??? If it is, and not just a camera trick, it looks awesome!

    You guys look like you're having a blast, it's nice to see everything, and everybody, come together.

    Keep it up! The wall looks great.

  2. Yup. Got my hair chopped off. Finally! I like it when it's up but NOT when it's down! Ugh.

    Should be finishing up the wall hopefully tomorrow! Miss you, Amelie!

  3. love your work, cute tush:)


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