July 10, 2011

Hours, minutes and kitchen tile

Time. Time is a great and beautiful thing. But for us {or perhaps I shall only speak for myself} time is becoming my enemy.

The clock is ticking. Our newest opening date is merely a number pulled out of the sky. And it's about our ninth attempt to pinpoint a possible deadline -- a deadline, like all the past deadlines, which is highly optimistic. Can we build an entire commercial kitchen in ten days? I dunno! Our kitchen tile does not arrive until next week, so we can't touch a thing until then. And we need this kitchen thing to happen. Badly. Here's why:

I have never mentioned this before, because, well -- because I've been busy! But we are partnering with an Italian restaurant called Maccheroni, located on Piazza delle Coppelle, Rome, Italy. 

{Their beautiful kitchen looks like that, and ours looks like this: }

We have, you might say, some work to do.

Our decision to become partners with Maccheroni is not a financial one, but a partnership based on friendship. My sister, Saroja, grew up in Rome and has recently moved here to manage il vecchio, and it's through her relationship with the chefs and the owner that we have this great new alliance.

What does that have to do with our kitchen, or lack of one? Well, we have a chef from Maccheroni arriving quite soon to oversee some of our restaurant training, and he'll only be here for a month. It's super exciting! And quite an opportunity.

Now, if only we could have a place where we could, perhaps, do some cooking... And I'm going to need to blame something for my frustration and constant anxiety, so, you stupid kitchen tile, hurry your square butt up and get here already!


  1. I live in Rome and I'll definitely go Maccheroni to tell I'm reading how Il Vecchio was born!

  2. Su:

    YES! Go to Maccheroni! I have never been, but if you see a short, handsome chef with a nose ring, say hello to him for me! And even better, if you see a tall, dark-haired, beautiful woman, that's my sister, Saroja, so say hello to her for me too!!


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