July 30, 2011

{I'd countdown till opening, but that thought is terrifying}

With the days ticking by, I did some serious chiseling.

And we tackled our major lack of shelves with a vengeance. I scored some great old planks that used to be for scaffolding. Boy, those things make some great shelving.



Then we finally got the front door functioning almost properly; Installed the tempered glass, reattached the molding, and hung the thing better so it's not just flapping in the wind. It's so lovely to be able to lock it at night without the use of a screw gun and a sheet of ply!

Next? It gets painted! I'm feeling red. 


  1. two hazels momJuly 31, 2011

    new favorite photograph of the project. the chisel curl. makes me hungry.

    do not go out for coffee. support systems flying in soon. other systems in nyc in place for later. and many other silent partners are proud and await directions as needed. as they said in the 90's. go girl.

  2. I love to pieces how those shelves follow the line of the chimney breast. That is totally cool

  3. I want these shelves for my house! Looooove! You need to bring back all the wood you can. NYC sucks in terms of big ole beams.

  4. I am endlessly impressed!


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