July 16, 2011

Permission granted

Over three months ago, we were all under the impression that we were well on our way to get our building permit. It was "any day now". All the floor plans were drawn up, measurements were finalized, fees were paid, we were ready. We were waiting.

That was three and a half months ago.

Just this last Monday, after four plan revisions, a truck-load of unforeseen fees and fines, a near impossible-to-attain coastal commission waiver, a lot of help, a lot of luck, and our first {flawless} inspection, we finally got the permit.

Yeah. It took that long. Just like everybody said it would.

So a little behind our desired schedule, here's the recent progress:

We finally filled those trenches in the kitchen.

 And insulated it.

It couldn't be a proper construction site without a construction worker's breakfast, of course.

Then we took out the window where the new front door will be.

And had the enormous kitchen hood delivered in a rather cute way, like a king on it's throne. The heart of our restaurant is soon to be installed!


Now we're really rolling.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Finally.

  2. I know! Can you believe it took so long? I thought everybody was exaggerating when they warned us of this. But alas. No. They were not.

  3. Fab post and blog! I love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing these with us.


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