July 6, 2011

A table and a chair

Somewhere along the way I left out a table top. I was one short, I discovered today. And in order to fix that problem it would require another trip to Home Cheapo for plywood, an idea I wasn't keen on. So my sister suggested cutting up one of my larger tables -- one which we couldn't use and I hadn't finished yet. After a few dramatic gasps and fervent shakes of the head, I realized that, in fact, that made a ton of sense. She was right.

So I did.



So in a matter of minutes, I had my last and final table. Again. Since I already thought I had my last and final table.

Then I decided to take a break from the saws and reupholster a chair for the kicks of it. I have four extra yards of the same, ahem, "ecological leather" from the booths {okay fine, vinyl} so I think I'll eventually do all the chair seats in that. I like the idea of mismatched chairs with matching upholstery.

So I chose one of the awesome vintage, metal, fold-able ones.

Here's the seat before: Yuck.

And voila! Better, eh?

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