July 17, 2011

A thing of beauty

Tightly morticed hinges are amazing. 

A new front door framed out and hung in three hours is incredible.

An entire kitchen sheetrocked in six hours is breathtaking.

All this done in one day is glorious.


  1. We're going to be driving up the west coast in mid-August and I watch your progress from New Zealand with great anticipation. Having opened our own little bar we know all too well the slow process, so we can only hope you will be open in time for our visit! Fingers crossed and all the best x

  2. Great! I too hope we will be open for your visit! Yes, it's a hard and complicated process and I love meeting people who have been through it too. I am learning SO much! Is your little bar in New Zealand? -- a place I very much want to visit one day.

  3. Yes, it's in Wellington, NZ. It's a neighbourhood bar and diner called Monterey (funnily enough), which we opened about a year and a half ago. I wish we had documented the process like you are, it would be great to look back on! Fingers crossed we get to swap some stories in August...


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