July 22, 2011

{wood and red tile}

The commercial kitchen tile is half in. I can hardly believe it.

Yes, this wood paneling is on a wall. I just wanted to take another boot shot so, yes, I was laying on the floor. As if I don't get dusty enough just standing up.

Hmm, am I supposed to stop where?

This is how we communicate with each other sometimes. Oddly placed, oddly colored notes. {Don't tell anyone, but I'm not actually going to stop there. Shhh!}


  1. Looking at all these old pieces of wood, I think of where we got them... And amazingly, I could probably tell where every one of them came from! You should put little tags on each board with the State where we found them, ou what they used to be... Farm, fence, railway station, barn, shed...

  2. I know! I love going through all the pieces again and remembering our trip! It's amazing that we can still recall each one. That big, grey/brown one in the very middle? {I know you know} but that's the one off that old grain shed in... what state? It was the only one on the ground. It's my favorite!

  3. I happened upon your site tonight via Apartment Therapy to Manhattan Nest to you. I have been intrigued and reading your site, thinking what neat young ladies you are. THEN I discovered your restaurant is in Pacific Grove!!!! I used to teach in Pacific Grove and lived in Monterey for 13 years.
    I also just got back from spending 2 weeks in Manhattan and Queens. I LOVED it. Anyhoo, when i come to the central coast to visit friends, I'd love to check out your restaurant. Do you feel comfortable telling me its' address or what street it is on? I am so familiar with PG, I would likely know where it is. BTW, I'm SURE Bpooklyn is great, but PG ain't that bad either. I mean, come-on. We always called the Monterey coast the place for the newly weds and the nearly deads. But, hey, I lived there and I don't consider it either.

    You two young ladies are incredible!!!!

  4. Why thank you! Of course I will tell you where it is! After all, it's getting close to time to start spreading the word. Opening date is just around the corner. Eeek! Do you know Central Ave? We are the first building in PG right up the block from the aquarium. 110 Central. We're not on Google maps yet. Soon! Hope you can make it sometime.

  5. @Ariele : I think that was in Texas!

  6. OH YEAH! You're right! A long, flat, drive, that was.

  7. well those of us still here in Monterey / PG are looking forward to this. Your work is beautiful, and we need a good italian place. I'm from New Jersey so I'm a big fan of italian food and I don't get a lot of it here. You should start a Facebook page to get the word out!

  8. We just created one! Please "like" us, if you like us! I should post this in a post so people can actually see it, but here's the link to the facebook page of il vecchio:


    Thanks John!

  9. thanks Ariele. Are you sure you want me at that link though? That looks like your personal FB page. I'll look for il vecchio though


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