August 18, 2011

The art of building light

One of the main reasons I extended my stay here {instead of driving back to Brooklyn last Monday} is lighting. There are a lot of things keeping me here, but most of all, it's these damn green lamp shades. You may have seen a few glowing with light in a previous photograph, but it was all a lie -- Yes, I rigged those up with extension cords. And in the restaurant world, that's not cool. So, I've immersed myself in socket-land and am preparing the fixtures for the real thing!

And I've been coming across some real vintage beauties while taking apart the old lamps. I call this one Back when America made things:

Then came the fun part: creating lamps from scratch. My favorite. So I took an old gear from the abandoned farm in Virginia...

... coupled with a few delicately chosen plumbing supplies...

And started putting them together with the help of a beautiful enamel shade and this old copper pipe, which, for those of you who will recognize it, yeah, it is a part to an old toilet.

Which means, yes, I paid a dollar for the privilege of owning someone's used toilet pipe.

Hey, you think I'm crazy for buying it, but just think about the guy who actually thought about trying to sell such a thing! Sheesh. What a weirdo, huh?

So was it worth it? Totally!


  1. I love following your blog, that you have such a strong sense of personal style in your choices and endeavors when it comes to being creative. Your table patterns, including wood texture and the history of the wood, are really inspirational. I hope to one day see the restaurant IRL, Sweden based as I am it might take me some time though, haha.

  2. Genius. The toilet tube thing makes a perfect gooseneck.

  3. Anne-MarieAugust 19, 2011

    It's beautiful!

  4. oh I have fallen in love now...this lamp is GREAT! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein


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