August 4, 2011

Chaos {with a little peace}

For the first time, the three chefs came to work in the restaurant. Though, admittedly, and perhaps a little sadly, not yet in the kitchen. But I was quite happy to put them to work with me instead!

And look, I let someone else touch my table tops. *gasp!*

Meanwhile I built some cabinet doors {from my salvaged wood supply which is dwindling quickly}.

We finally filled in that one corner on the bar. It's been a deathtrap for those of us with bony hips for months now. But no more!

And I watched my new shelves fill with stuff, just like every single flat surface in this entire job site. At least these things are pretty. Most other shelves are filled with sawdust filled coffee cups, tools, abandoned screws, lost drill bits and, probably, a few old lunches. Sadly.

So amidst all this chaos, clutter, power tools, and general buzz of creativity, I decided to take up an offer to relax. For a change. Finally.And because I got this in my cookie:

There's simply nothing like a silent, smooth, late-evening sailboat ride.


  1. Ariele,

    I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and spent a great afternoon looking through all the posts. Love your work! I live in Brussels with my wife and 3 1/2 year old son. How about a "Brooklyn to Brussels" project blog next?!


  2. Ricardo! I am so happy I could give you a nice evening of perusing my photographs and work. That is a brilliant idea, a Brooklyn to ________ for wherever I go next. Though Brussels sounds like a great destination! Hope you keep reading!



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