August 25, 2011

Here and there. Or not here nor there.

As the restaurant get's closer to completion (yep, we postponed opening again), the tasks I work on get more and more random. Like turning this old whisk into a light:

And turning this cool old thing...

Into this:

And making a little old window a sign...

And testing crazy samples for a floor I'm going to paint (really excited about this one)...

 And hanging a few paintings here and there, and wiring up a few sconces.

So in other words -- so much fun!


  1. Every picture literally made me go "oh so cool!". Love it all.

    (By the way, could it be my remote influence with the black tiles in the bathroom?... Or is it another case of us thinking alike??)

  2. Also, I fully support the turquoise you picked for the bathroom. Just the right color to show off the tones of the painting. Well done!

  3. Anne-MarieAugust 26, 2011

    Wow! You are doing such COOL stuff! Love the whisk light!

  4. You should be famous. Everything you've added has made an already amazing space even better.

  5. Amelie: Haha! I know! I was shocked when I saw your black and white tile pieces: I actually had the bathroom tiled this way over a month ago, before I saw your pics. Incredible. We are SO on the same page, girl, sometimes to a scary degree! I can't wait to come back to Brooklyn and start building stuff with you!!

    Anne-Marie: Stop by again soon! And your Jam was phenomenal!

    Sarah: That's funny -- Thanks a million!


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