August 27, 2011

The painted

With our two very different types of white paint, I set out to paint my floor with a million {or two} dots...

And the sign painter set out to paint us another one of his fantastic signs.

Isn't it lovely? Now people milling about the back of building will know that we are a restaurant! Hooray for Jerry! He did another beautiful job.

And he did it about a hundred times faster than I did my floor. Check back with me in three days, maybe by then I'll be done. But time consuming acts of creativity are what happens when you are a little crazy and a bit too ambitious for the time-frame allotted...

Oh well! It'll be well worth it. The world will just have to avoid that part of the floor until then.


  1. You're totally inspiring! Amazing work. This is something most people would only dream about ...if they indeed have those kinds of ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow! This is the most amazing thing I have come across in a while... You are inspiring! Really beautiful work.

  3. forgive me for intruding... I passed here by mistake... but I must say I LOVE what you did with that place, LOVE IT! so unique, so not like anything ells, so special. I bet you are one too. great job, thanks for inspiring me

  4. The universe is much, much too small! I stumbled upon your site somehow a few days ago, loved the beautiful tables and headboards you made, bookmarked the page determined to come back when I had more time and look at your work some more. I'm also from California and live in Fort Greene, I've recently left my job at an art gallery in the city to start my own floral design business so I've been sleuthing the web for fellow creatives in New York - I'm always amazed by what I find. I followed your blog to the restaurant section, thought the restaurant looked beautiful and delicious, wondered where it was in CA and low and behold its in Pacific Grove?? My tiny, sleepy, foggy hometown? What are the chances? I'm headed home in two days by sheer coincidence and cannot wait to try the restaurant and see your work!


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