September 3, 2011

It might possibly be definite.

There's a few satisfying moments in building a restaurant that come only every now and then. These moments are particular, since {but of course!} every day is satisfying.

Today, that satisfaction came when all the lights were officially wired and hung -- all forty-four of them. 

Yep, forty-four. And I wired each and every one myself. Whew!

The sconces from that abandoned diner in Virginia are up too!

And another one of those moments came when {drum role, please} art was hung.

It's a huge step in the direction of finally, finally, {possibly, maybe? perhaps} being super-duper close to done!


  1. tracy in barcelonaSeptember 03, 2011

    i love love LOVE those first fixtures!!! what are they and where did you find them?!? fabulous!


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