September 1, 2011

Mister, you've really out-done yourself

When working on a project such as this, I'm always reminded, and constantly amazed, at how wonderful people can be. Most of the time, I'm a bit of a cynic, and a possibly a little grumpy towards some, but wow, sometimes? People just blow my mind. In a good way.

A few weeks back, I wrote about the woes of being a female shopping at Home Depot but the beauty of being a female on a construction site {you can read it here}. Well, this is an add on to the latter. Yes, it's another post about... well, about people giving me incredible things.

So, a few days ago, my wonderful, wonderful electrician brought me here to show me this cool place {he knew I'd appreciate it's creepiness}. Of course, he also knew I'd fall in love with those old green lights.

A few days later, he arrives at work, as normal. Well, high on my list of things that make me almost faint, is when someone shows up with a pile of these. As a gift. 

Yes. He got them for me. Yes. He really, really did. Wow!

And to make them even cooler, they were in a fire, and survived. Yeah! Impressive. They came from an old abandoned water tower that was set on fire a year back by vandals. Why did the vandals not take out the awesome green lights that were there before they set the place ablaze? I have no idea. Stupid vandals. They really missed out. But they certainly succeeded in making the story way, way sweeter for me.

This one really bore the brunt of it. This baby got burned. But boy, is she a beauty to photograph.

So with a lot of cleaning and an entire bag of rags, they are back to being green and shiny. They are beautiful. Beautiful! So much rust, so much history. I could barely be happier if I tried. What a gift, mister electrician man. What. A. Gift.


  1. tracy in barcelonaSeptember 01, 2011

    ...and the beauty is your electrician saw those lights and thought of you... you've probably tweeked the perspective of a lot of the people who have worked with/around you. They'll never look at an old door or a rusty object quite the same way again...

  2. I second what Tracy said.

    Also, I've been following along and can't wait to drive down for dinner one night. Can you recommend a simple place to lay one's head for the night (wine + pasta = sleepy) as you're easily a three hour drive from us. We're hoping to make a weekend of it. Not looking for fancy or pricey. So long as it's clean, we're happy. In Italy, the mom-n-pop places in the countryside always seemed to have a couple of inexpensive upstairs rooms waiting for folks like us. Thought you might know of something similar in your neck of the woods. Fingers crossed.


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