September 7, 2011


Yep. It's true.

Today is the day. Five and a half months, seven-days-a-week, twelve hours a day, subtract about three or four days off, equals one, really happy, ridiculously proud, semi-exhausted girl.

So! If you are a local, come get some pasta! We are opening very softly with only ten tables open. We are not yet accepting reservations, nor credit cards. So bring some cash, a check, or a very honest face and we'll let you purchase some pasta with an i.o.u.

il vecchio
110 Central Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

I'll be there all evening, jumping with joy.
See you soon!


  1. Big Congrats to you! I wish I were local after seeing photos of your food!

  2. Just had the most fantastic dinner at il Vecchio. After the wonderful complimentary appetizer of bread with sauteed red bell peppers and onion in olive oil, we shared first courses of al pesto (basil, olive oil, walnuts, parmigiano, garlic, and a touch of cream with imported spaghetti) and gnocchi al gorgonzola with fresh pears; and each had pollo alla cacciatora (braised chicken, white wine, safe, rosemary, and wine vinegar) as a main dish.The flavors of the appetizer were wonderful; the gnocchi melted in our mouths, and the chicken with wine and herbs was amazing. We'll definitely return there with friends!

  3. Didn't look for it but your blog came to me. Very happy to follow this great adventure. Would love to come and eat in your restaurant but i'm in France....
    Congratulations anyway, and good luck!

  4. Were is your restaurant located? California or New York? I would love to support. Seems like an amazing place to eat.

  5. It's in California! Pacific Grove. It really does have some of the most amazing food I have EVER had. EVER!

  6. My husband had dinner at il Vecchio last night and immediately sent me your blog link. He said the restaurant was beautiful and the food was yummy. Love the is motivating.

  7. Christine Cahill-ReamsApril 02, 2013

    Hello! I've been a reader of your words for several years now. I have a similar love of creating with my hands, and I really respect your work.

    My husband and I are about to head down to Monterey and Santa Cruz in celebration of our fourth anniversary, and I just made reservations for Friday night at il vecchio! I am beyond excited to linger over delicious food and see your hard work in person.

    Hope you're well,


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