September 27, 2011

The things we want

When you live in Brooklyn, I'd say it's pretty normal to be lacking at least two things: It just seems to be a lifestyle of us youngish folks to be short of cash and short on space. Because you can't have space without cash, it can be a bit of a pickle.

I'm after space. With space comes more tools, and damn, I'm sick of building cabinets and whatnot without a table saw. Yep, that's correct, I don't have a table saw. How do I build things then, you ask? Well, I avoid the long cuts. And it's a pain! So, on my hunt to be short of only one thing instead of two, I found my dream studio. And just my luck, the dream gets to remain a dream since the guy absolutely refuses to answer his phone. Refuses! But here it is anyway: cool huh?

It's so Brooklyn. I love it. Isn't it everybody's dream to have their very own metal-rolly-gate-entrance-thingy? I'd feel like a deli! And my tools would be safe and sound at night. So I'm gonna keep calling that torturous fellow who advertises his phone number and won't allow me to give him money. Sheesh.

So maybe it's the big dreams that take a lot of time and hard work, but at least the slightly smaller dreams sometimes fall into my lap when I need them. Here I was wanting to build myself a bigger work table, thinking "now where am I going to find that much old wood?" Well, thank you Brooklyn awesomeness, because voila:

There's old wood! And it's even in pre-planked form for my convenience! It just doesn't get better than this place, and I wrote about it here too! -- a long, long time ago.

So me and my beautiful, eight foot, seven inch long plank are going to happily get to work becoming a table. With or without the company of a table saw. Or space.

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  1. Keep calling, you'll reach him eventually! And this hurdle will probably have kept away other potential renters who aren't as tenacious, so it's actually a good thing he's hard to reach.

    I hope you get it, it looks perfect (at least from the outside). And I'm glad you keep blogging, I loved reading about how the restaurant became what it now is and I hope I can be witness to many more wonderful things in the future. You go, girl!


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