September 4, 2011

Unnecessary details that totally matter

We were serving bread on plates and thinking, there has got to be a better way to do this! So a few hours of jigsawing later {and many hours of sanding}, here is our yeah, this is way cooler solution:

Thirty-one, hand-cut breadboards, with no two alike.

And as if that wasn't enough {since apparently I have a bit o' crazy in me} I spent one late, late night wood-burning into every one of them. For the three people that will ever notice, it was totally worth it!


  1. Nice work. Protip - if your route in a 3/8" lip onto them, it'll help keep the crumbs on the board!

  2. Wow, your attention to those details is amazing. It's been a pleasure to follow you during your work. Thank you for showing all that. I can't wait for a grand tour of the place! Too bad I'm an ocean away, or I'd definitely go and see for myself (and taste for myself, obviously).

    Did you burn it all in manually, like drawing on the boards? How did you get those regular circles and cutlery-shapes?

  3. Make that four people. I will notice. I DO notice. I would eat bread off those beautiful hand-cut boards with nothing but admiration and gratitude.

    WELL DONE, lady. Well done.

  4. Good tip on the router! And thanks everyone! I'm glad there's people out there who notice and appreciate the little things too.

    Judith -- all I did was trace around the top of a jar with wood burner to get that perfect circle. Then just drew the forks and the cursive free hand {which was easier than the circle!} BTW, I already lost one -- maybe someone noticed it enough to take it home!!

  5. How totally great! I love how every solution you come up with is so personal and creative. You are going to keep blogging about your future creative journies--right?!

  6. We found your restaurant the last night we stayed in CA (Sep 2012). My daughter wanted Italian food and I caught a glance of Il Vecchio driving down the avenue. Backtracked and search for a while then finally found it (thank goodness for your black "Italian Restaurant" awning!). We all agreed it was the perfect ending to a perfect week. I went to their website and saw that the tables were made by you so I did a search and here I am.. Great blog and great restaurant! You've got talent!


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