October 17, 2011

number thirty two

Technically, if you can count this one since it has no legs yet, I have built thirty two tables in my life. So far.

Ooh! Thirty three tables if you count the work table this table top is sitting on! Thirty three.


  1. ahhhh,
    a stack of more lathe !!!! onward....get that thing into a local store soon.
    or etsy. ?

  2. This table looks great. Have you found that the unevenness of the table top (caused by the varied thicknesses of the lathe) is problematic? If so, how do correct it? Thanks a million.

  3. Well it makes the table super rustic, that's for sure! If the lathe is REALLY thick sometimes I will sand or rasp it down from the back. If someone asked for a table that was more even, I would definitely spend the time attaining that. As it is, just don't slid your glass of wine across it and it will be fine! Haha.

  4. Thanks, Ariele. I love your blog. I was worried it would come to an end when you finished Il Vecchio, but I'm glad to see your still posting.


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