November 5, 2011

{ahhhh} home

Home at last, back with my favorite cup with my favorite tea, our bed and our kitty. Ahhh, it feels so good!

And I came home to some good news I wanted to share: An awesome new online magazine that was just launched, called Sous Style. It's filled with beautiful and creative women {and some guys too!} cooking and doing the things they love best in their favorite places, homes, studios. And I'm in it! Take a look.

Photo from Sous Style, by Lianna Tarantin

Ariele in New York

So thanks dearly to all you cool people who worked on it! Especially Lianna and Pippa. I love it!


  1. wow!!! congrats !!!!! and thanks for your words on my blog!!!
    Enjoy your home sweet home...and never stop to make us dream!!!

  2. Oh, amazing! You and your apartment look beautiful. And thank you for the table-making instructions. Do you have any tips for buying a chop saw?

  3. Thanks Cez!

    And Oooh! Sarah -- does that mean your going to build a table? Wonderful! Well, if you want a good chop saw that will last a while, don't buy the cheapest one. Or the second cheapest, really. Buy the third least expensive. That's usually my motto. The chop saw I have is a simple Home Depot buy, DeWalt. It's around 200 bucks -- if I recall. I usually don't condone buying tools from there, but sometimes one must! Let me know how it goes!

  4. You're amazing, Ariele!!


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