November 3, 2011


A few states had come and gone uneventfully, so we made sure to get off the highway when North Carolina came along. As New York comes slowly closer, I've been getting more anxious to find abandoned things, decrepit things, buildings falling over. I needed to get my fix of the old! And finally, we scored: Beauty.

It's hard not to attract suspicion creeping around in such a small town, so inevitably, somebody stopped by to check up on us. But it's easy to avert suspicion when waving around a huge smile, a big camera, and preaching amazement. The guy who stopped by was the ultimate southern man: an old, wrinkled, chevy-driving, smoker, who was actually as sweet as can be. He said that the old house, and the store next to it, was open and thriving until he was ten years old -- which was in nineteen fifty one.


I pretty much wanted to take everything I had in the car right then, and move right in.


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