November 8, 2011

this mancini

I spent the day with a french girl who's crazy about baseball.





I could stop at that sentence and have intrigued at least a hand-full of you, but I'll not be too artsy here -- though I do wish I had a "catch phrase" as cool and as culturally diverse as hers. I'm going to remind you all that you know this baseball-y girl if you've been reading me for long enough. Yes, Amelie and I made the original, three thousand mile journey from point a {brooklyn} to point b {california} over six months ago in a giant-ass truck. We kicked butt finding rickety chairs, old wood, and plenty of beautiful/creepy abandoned places to gawk at -- at which to gawk, if teachers are reading {but then again I already said ass. And butt}. Twice. Oh, and she likes boxing, and old cars too; there's hilarious proof of that here.

It's not everyday that I walk into someones house and feel the need to re-organize my own. But I like that feeling. I think it's called... inspiration. Yeah. Amelie inspires me. I'm totally saving up to buy one of her paintings. For real. It's on a long list of things I'm saving for, but it's definitely up near the top. On another list is clearing a wall to make space for that painting, which, believe it or not, may be the harder of the two.

You can see the work I love so much here!


  1. Aww man! Thank you so much!

    Need I say that I get the same feeling whenever I walk into your house? I think we've got one of those rare double-mirror-back-and-forth inspirational dynamic going on.

    I love it!

    And whenever your wall is ready, come pick up your painting.

    :):):):):) (it's a bunch of little sideways people smiling because they're happy)

  2. I really like the structure a jigsaw puzzle will give to a surface.


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