November 21, 2011

the void

Okay, I have three planks of crappy wood, an old coca-cola crate, a piece of off-cut one by one, glue, a nail gun, and a very big, ugly, empty space between my stove and refrigerator that I like to call The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables. Though I don't "like" to call it anything, I just want it gone. Gone! So today, I'm definitely killing The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables. Today, it's going down, deep into Nothingness hell.

Before: {The Void of Nothingness and Recyclables}. Yikes!

After: Whew!

Not my most brilliant work, but hey, it's a quick, little fix to a very big, ugly problem.


  1. What a smart solution! :)

  2. So much nicer! Your recyclables have a lovely hat now : )

  3. That's great, Ariele! I have a space between my birth and death that I need to fill. (sometimes voids take forever to figure out)

  4. Even your teapot has a secret triangle inset. Okay, now that I've typed that sentence, it sounds really dirty.

    Umm, I like your void filler! (Ahhh, still dirty?)

  5. great!!!! that drawer is fantastic!!!! :))

  6. I love this drawer! How did you anchor it in to that space?

    I have a painfully guilty obsession with vintage soda and apple crates and have integrated them into nearly every room in my house ;)

  7. Thank you everybody!
    To Rachael Ranney, I didn't have any space to anchor it with legs or to cantilever it out from the wall, so I got a little strip of thin steel, and bent it in a S shape, stuck half of it in part of the stove, and half under the wood -- Like a big hook. So it's just hanging in space! I totally ghetto-ed it :) But it's surprisingly strong!


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