November 30, 2011

yesterday's hunt

My Brooklyn scavenging expedition proved unfruitful -- for wood that is. I did not bag the biggest game, my noisy footsteps must have given me away. But look what I did catch!

I almost missed it, buried in the edge of the dumpster covered with a garbage bag. I slammed on my brakes and nearly made a pile-up behind me. Good decision Ariele. Real smooth. But damage was avoided, and all in all, I managed to pull out the only two unbroken pieces. I love this stuff! Even when it's this filthy. But I guess after every hunt some cleaning is in order.

So thank you, construction workers, who manhandled these pieces just gently enough to fling them to their supposed deaths unharmed.... for me to find!

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  1. JEALOUS. I had NO IDEA chicken wire glass isn't produced anymore (is it?), and was totally planning to use it for a couple things in my apartment. CRUSHING. Good find, can't wait to see what you do with it!


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