December 29, 2011

back in the day


I wish I could say these were my family photographs, that the woman dancing and leaping was my great grandmother, that the cute little boy with the inner tube around his waist was my grandfather, and that the portrait of the old man was drawn by my great aunt. But alas, it's an unknown family that I swept up at my local antique store {the whole pile for ten bucks!}. I was rather moved by the always dancing woman, in her flowing dresses and pointed feet. What a beauty! There's one photograph of her in Atlantic City in 1941, and some others dated in swirly cursive on the back 1931. The old man portrait in 1936. Love!


  1. These are incredible! What a great find. I love, love the dancer. I wonder who she was.

  2. I love your instant relatives and your blog, I have small pictures that I picked up at garage sales as well and one large one over the living room fireplace that I bought at an auction house. My own relatives were too scary to put out! Happy Saturday! Mary


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