December 5, 2011

butterfly-it {a reader corrected terminology switcheroo}

I couldn't quite justify throwing out a plank of wood just because it had broken in half. I mean, come on, we all know that's not my style. So usually, I'd put it aside for something else, but I'm having a shortage. I need more wood. So I decided to be brave and adventurous and tackle a woodworking skill I think it's high time I tried:

 It's definitely not perfect -- yes, there are tiny gaps and spaces where perhaps there wouldn't be if it was not my first time doing butterflies. But I feel very proud, nonetheless. Though, it just about took me forever

So anyway, today was productive and there are now three more, slightly larger than the last, floorboard cheeseboards up in the shop. See?


  1. I thought these are called butterfly joints?

    Love what you do!

  2. Thanks people!

    Yeah, I've heard them referred to as both dovetail and butterfly joints. From what I can decipher {correct me if I'm wrong anybody!} a dovetail can be this way, OR a series of joints running in a line, like the corner of a drawer. This could definitely just be called a butterfly too. {?} "Dovetail butterfly joint", haha.

  3. This is butterfly joinery. A dovetail joint is made of pins and (dove)tails, wherein two solid pieces are joined through the interlocking of said pins and tails.

    Butterfly joinery involves the joining of two boards using the butterfly (third) piece.

    It's an understandable misnomer.

    Beautiful work!

  4. It should also be noted that a dovetail joint is used to create an angle (generally 90°); like the corners of a drawer.

  5. Oooh. Good clarification. Hmm, I think I'll change it on the post. Thank you for your corrections!

  6. Ariele, I LOVE that butterfly dovetail joint on the cheese board. Would it be possible, if I give you my email, to make one for me? It is: If you're not too busy, please email me and let me know? Thank you very much!

  7. Note: re email, in youngestone, you have to use the number zero (0), instead of an o in youngest0ne. Thank you again!

  8. GAH! i can't believe i missed this by like, hours. CURSES.
    the butterfly boards- my god are they beautiful. any chance you'll do another....or, even better, do you do commissions?

    ALSO!!! i just saw your gorgeous photoshoot on sous style! OH MY GOD, hello gorgeous babe with a chop saw! totally loved it. breezy, effortless, and totally badass. GO LADY, GO!

  9. bigBANG: I'll make you one :) And yep, I do commissions!

    AND to your comment on the sous style shoot, THANKS!!! it was SO much fun. Though is wasn't entirely effortless so I'm happy it appeared that way!

  10. my com from yesterday disappeared!!!! sniffffff
    Nice job btw!!!!

  11. Ha, it might be worth it to break all the boards in half.


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