December 3, 2011


I had these old pieces of floor planks that I salvaged from someones house demolition in my neighborhood. Why, I have asked myself many a time, would someone be ripping out ancient ten-inch floor boards and swapping them for home depot ugliness, when I would trade my left leg to have that kind of floor? No freaking clue. But hey, who am I to judge when once again I was lucky enough to benefit from someone else's poor judgment. So! With the couple pieces I managed to snag, hours and hours of sanding up on the cold roof with the beautiful sunset, I made some cheese boards! So they are, officially, the Floorboard Cheeseboards.

{Yes, I sanded off the part that people once walked on. And washed them!}

I put them up in my shop cause I think they'd make some great holiday gifts, eh? Even though the Grinch in me wants to keep them all!


  1. Nice! You're on a roll, lady!

  2. I found out about your blog through Apartment Therapy. It's such a fun read and very have such a wonderful spirit and are incredibly talented! I'm having fun reading through your posts, and I love your work. You have a great eye for looking at things and turning them into something wonderful! This is right up my alley...though I don't have the talent you have. :)


    ladypats, MAKE MORE. these things are to DIE for. i also want that beautiful table. gunna talk to the hubs about it...we're only a few miles south of you, methinks. i can totally bring that table home strapped to my body as i ride my bicycle home, indian-style. just watch me.


  4. Hi,
    I am a cheese maker in the Berkshires (, and actually have a cheese CSA in Bklyn this winter (I'm a Bklyn native). I sell holiday gift baskets this time of year and would love to include your beautiful cheese boards in the gift baskets. What is the wholesale price?

    Suzy (

  5. Thank you all! Your compliments are so lovely to hear! {read?}

    bigBANG: I'm making more! I'm working on it! {I'll post when I have them} ---- Also, if you and your hubs want that table, I have a car and can drive it to ya! Though riding with it on your bike is WAY cooler. And thoroughly Brooklyn-style. Driving here is almost cheating :)

  6. We salvage old houses. I totally don't get it either. LOVE your work. You are so blessed to be doing what you love at such a young age.


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